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How can it be that mathematics, being after all a product of human thought independent of experience, is so admirably adapted to the objects of reality? ~ Albert Einstein


Goal of the Project
The Washington Mathematics Case Study Project (MSCP) will work with Washington State teachers of mathematics to improve their understanding of mathematics content, standards, teaching practice, foster a culture of teacher leadership, and provide teachers and schools with materials specially designed to link instruction to standards. The goal of the project is to provide students with high-quality instruction that addresses their misconceptions, sustains a high level of cognitive demand, and develops creative approaches to mathematics. Project staff are firmly committed to the long-term goal of improving mathematics instruction in Washington.

Time Frame
This is a three-year project. Beginning Summer 2005, a five-day workshop will provide an intensive, content rich experience for teacher participants. Throughout the summer and school year, project staff will design additional new professional development materials. The process of designing, developing, and delivering quality mathematics professional development will continue through 2008. Click here for a detailed project calendar...

Project Partners

School Districts Higher Education

Cheney S.D.
Inchelium S.D.
Pullman S.D.
Seattle Public Schools
Spokane Public Schools
Tonasket S.D.
Wellpinit S.D.

Eastern Washington University

University of Washington

Washington State University

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Eastern Washington University

University of Washington

Washington State University
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